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Every brick and stone product has one thing in common... they are susceptible to moisture.
Moisture brings mold, discoloration and cracking. It's only a matter of time before you'll have to
replace sections of your natural stone or brick work. With Miracle Coat, our surfaces are treated
with 2 or more industrial sealers making them virtually water proof. Your new surface will look
new longer with almost no maintenance for years to come. Plus... the best part...
Miracle Coat, Inc. produces many products for use in exterior and interior flooring, ICF wall systems, EPS
systems and more.  Our manufacturing plant produces our products that have been specially formulated
by the founder for superior coverage and quality.

Our products include Decorative Concrete Systems, Concrete Repair Products, Epoxy Systems,
Urethane and other Sealer Systems and Epoxy Rock (also referred to as River Rock).

Please browse our different descriptions, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to
request a catalog.

We have a local company in Florida for installations, plus many dealerships throughout the country that
have been trained and certified by us to do installations.

                                                    DECORATIVE CONCRETE

Choosing one of the Decorative Concrete Coatings ensures that your hard surface, either indoors or
outdoors, will last longer. It will be beautiful and durable, meeting your expectations for décor and
function. On the other hand, you may not have considered our Concrete Flooring Coatings. These
products are perfect for homeowners who want to bring a new look to floors inside their home while
preserving the coolness and versatility of concrete floors.

Homeowners can also consider the decorative concrete coating for outdoor surfaces. For example, a
patio under truss can be stripped of vinyl, tile, or wood flooring and be refinished with a concrete coating.

For more information, please call today. We are here to serve consumer needs, and it will be a pleasure
discussing creative resurfacing options available to you. Most concrete and cement surfaces will be
suited to our products.

MC Regular creates unique compositions that resemble stone, granite, tile, slate, or whatever your
imagination can design that are longer lasting and tougher that concrete Standard Kits contain a retarder
in both the Acrylic Additive and Dry Mix to prolong usage.  Quick set has no retarder in the Acrylic
additive and is ideal for cold weather.  Retarder-free Dry Mix is also available by special request.
There are 64 Bags / Pallet.

                                                         DECORATIVE EPOXY

Use our epoxies for flooring and decking systems that require maximum durability.  MCII begins all of our
epoxies with a standard epoxy and create our special formulas to meet your individual needs.

MC Cold Weather Epoxy (3:1)

Cold Weather Epoxy uses a Resin that has an acrylic-type additive which makes it possible to use down
to 30 degrees F and it prolongs shine.

MC UV Epoxy (3:1)

UV Epoxy is unique with tinuvins in the curing agent that reduce ambering of the epoxy and prolong its

MC Stone Bond Epoxy (3:1)

Stone Bond Epoxy has plasticizers added for flexibility and durability.  

MC Reseal Epoxy (3:1)

Stone Bond Epoxy with a thinner for easier application.

MC Quick Set Industrial Epoxy (6:1)

Epoxy hardens very fast and is chemical resistance. Especially useful for commercial jobs with limited
working time.  

MC Rubber Epoxy (7:1)

An epoxy with additional flexibility.

MC Clear Industrial Epoxy (3:1)

An epoxy with an additive in the resin to make it harder and an additive in the cure to make it chemically

MC E-Z Cote Epoxy (1:1)

A basic decoupage Epoxy for tabletops, etc
We manufacture specialty sealers for virtually any surface, including urethene sealers for most commercial applications.
We also manufacture 7 types of epoxy coatings for virtually every type climatic condition.